1960’s Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban “Shooter” Sunglasses

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Original Vintage 1960’s Bausch and Lomb Ray-Ban 1/10 12k Gold Filled “Shooter” or “Bullet Hole” Aviator style Sunglasses with original case.

These vintage Ray-Ban 12k GF bullet hole shooter sunglasses of the 1960s feature the iconic size and shape made famous as the world's first real hunting and shooting sunglasses. These particular sunglasses are part of the mid to later 1960s production of Bausch & Lomb's use of the 12k gold filled marks which had replaced the 10k gold filled frames. B&L Ray-Ban bullet hole shooters are known the world over for how they revolutionized sunglasses by incorporating distinctive and eye catching innovations. Those include the "General" brow bar and the "bullet hole" ring at the nose bridge both designed to improve the balance of the sunglasses on the face along with Outdoorsman "shooter" ear stems for the most secure fit possible. And of course you also get Bausch & Lomb original anti-glare mineral glass lenses, a key supplier to the US military and still some of the finest lenses ever made regardless of maker. The unisex Ray-Ban bullet hole shooter frame measures approximately 5.25" temple to temple, and the 62mm lenses measure approximately 2.5" x 2.0" at the widest points. The side bars are stamped “B&L Ray-Ban 12k GF”. 


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