"The purpose of studying History is not to deride human action, nor to weep over it or to hate it, but to understand it. Hopefully then to learn from it as we contemplate our future." 

~ Nelson Mandela from a Lecture at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, England, 11 July 1997.

Expedition Antiques deals in Antiquities, Militaria, and other Artifacts surrounding Exploration, Research, and War.
An Expedition is often defined as "a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of Exploration, Scientific Research, or War." We Humans, being the curious sentients we are, have yearned to explore and know more about the people, places, and things around us. This has lead to collecting and studying the Artifacts and Relics relating to our Worldly endeavors, some not so pretty as others.

The story of humanity is the story of war and conquest, the sooner we forget history the more doomed we are to repeat the past. At Expedition Antiques we seek to preserve history so that the past shall not be repeated...

At Expedition Antiques, we do NOT support any Radical Ideologies or Political Regimes. Everything featured is solely for the study and conservation of Historical artifacts and is ethically sourced and curated.


Founded by Kenny DeMello in 2019, Kenny has had a lifelong passion for Exploration, Antiquities, and Historical Research. Expedition Antiques is the product and culmination of over a decade of work in the research and collecting field. Kenny has made a name for himself within the Militaria community around the World for his knowledge, research, and collection of Historical Artifacts.

Expedition Antiques deals in a wide variety of Quality Militaria, Vintage Wear, and other Historical Artifacts with an emphasis on Insignia, Medals, Orders, Uniforms, Headgear, and other Accoutrements.

Providing Collectors and History Enthusiasts alike with the highest-quality and most unique pieces of Militaria is our main objective.

Kenny on The History Channel’s Pawn Stars Do America, Season 2 Episode 2 “Sunshine State Steals”