1960’s USAF Astronaut Wings - Bullion

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Original 1960’s - 1970’s US Air Force Astronaut Wings made in Silver Bullion Wire.

Full Size.

The Astronaut Wings are awarded to Military pilots, Naval Flight Officers, Navigators/Combat Systems Officers, Flight Surgeons, USAF Officer Astronauts who are not navigators/CSOs but wear the same insignia while designated as astronaut-qualified Air Force “Observers,” and civilian pilots who have completed training and performed a successful spaceflight.

In the 1960s, the United States Department of Defense awarded Astronaut Wings to military and civilian pilots who completed all required training and participated in a space flight more than 50 miles (80 km) above the Earth. Each of the US Branches of service issue their own version of these wings, which consists of a standard aviation badge with an astronaut device (shooting star through a halo) centered on the badge’s shield, or escutcheon. The US Air Force and US Army Astronaut Wings are issued in three degrees: Basic, Senior, and Command (Air Force), or Master (Army). The Senior Astronaut Wings are denoted by a star centered above the decoration, while the command/master level is indicated by a star and wreath.

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