1975 Benrus Issued Watch

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Original Mechanical Vietnam Era 1975 Benrus General Purpose US Military Issued Field Watch. MIL-W-46374A Specification manufactured in July 1975. 

*Serviced in 2020 and is still keeping great time!*

All original beautiful patina on the dial retaining its original luminosity that has naturally aged and yellowed over the years. 34mm Green plastic case in quite good condition minus a slight crack in the case adjacent to the crown which does not effect the watches time keeping skills. This specific watch also features the highly desirable H3 radium warning dial, and is also fitted with a original Vietnam era US Military issue strap.

US Government specifications:
6645-00-952-3767 US MFG PART NO 1790

MIL-W-46374 is a specification first published on October 30, 1964, for US military watches. The 46374 was specified as an accurate, disposable watch. In its span, it encompassed metal and plastic cased watches with both mechanical and quartz movements. The 46374 replaced the MIL-W-3818, reducing cost and inheriting the dial from the MIL-W-3818B. These were lower quality watches than the 15 jewel movements, the transition started as US involvement in Vietnam ramped up.

Revision A was released in 1968. Regarding Revision B from 1976, it "added radiation symbols to the dial, indicating that the luminous markers were radioactive, H3 for tritium. Revision D (1986) expanded the scope of the specification to encompass a wider range of watches."

Pilots, divers, and other specialties continue to have military watches available for issue.

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