Border War SAP 30 Year Service Group

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Original Pre 1994 Border War Era South African Police (SAP) Four Place Medal Bar Named to W.J Westhuizen. Each medal is individually engraved to the recipient. Consisting of a;

  • SAP Service Star for Merit: Awarded for “meritorious or exemplary service or for 30 years' irreproachable service.” Engraved “SERS. W.J. V/D Westhuizen 15552” and dated “1•9•63.”
  • SAP Faithful Service Star: Awarded “in recognition of 20 years of exceptional character, conduct and service.” and is engraved “W74961F T.A-O W.J VD Westhuizen.” And is dated “08 01 1979”
  • SAP Good Service Medal: Awarded “for either 18 years exemplary service, or bestowed for a specific act of gallantry or distinguished conduct.” And is engraved “15552 (B) 2/ SERST. V.D WESTHUIZEN W.J”
  • SAP Faithful Service Medal: Awarded “for 18 years (until 1979) or 10 years (from 1979) irreproachable service and exemplary conduct.” and is engraved “15552 A/OFF W.J.V.D. Westhuizen” and dated “17 09 1965” 
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