For Volk and Führer

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For Volk and Führer: Robey Leibbrandt & Operation Weissdorn by Hans Strydom. Hardcover. First English Edition 1983. 

“Robey Leibbrandt rose to prominence in 1936 when he represented South Africa as a heavyweight boxer at the controversial Berlin Olympics in Germany. It was there that he first met and became mesmerized by Adolf Hitler. The triumphant rise of Hitler's National Socialists completely took in the young Afrikaner and it was at this time that Hitler's aides first began to seduce Leibbrandt into acting as an operative for them in South Africa. Later, at the expense of the Reich, he was invited to return to Germany to complete his 'education', a process which culminated in his ardent conversion to National Socialism. During this time he was extensively trained in sabotage and espionage, and also underwent the rigorous training of a Stormtrooper. After the outbreak of war Leibbrandt was appointed to spearhead Operation Weissdorn - the overthrow of Jan Smuts's coalition government and the establishment of a National Socialist republic in South Africa. To this end he was surreptitiously landed from a German yacht at Mitchell's Bay in the Northern Cape Province, from where with extraordinary endurance he made his way inland to begin his task of disruption in war-time South Africa. This is a remarkable story, told with verve and pace, a true-life drama played out against the background of a divided nation at war. It has not been told before and there are few South Africans who are even aware of Operation Weissdorn, let alone how close it came to success. Had Leibbrandt managed to assume control of the Ossewa Brandwag, had he succeeded in assassinating Smuts, had he not been curbed by the intrepid Taillard, the course of South African history might have been very different. This is not just the true story of Leibbrandt, the traitor or the patriot. It is also the story of the courageous Jan Taillard, appointed by Smuts to flush Leibbrandt out, his dogged pursuit of his prey, and the extraordinary circumstances of his eventual success.” - Inside cover flap synopsis. 

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