M63 Staaldak - Camo

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Original M63 Staaldak - Camo.

  • Incredible hand done Camo paint job incorporating saw dust and wood particles.
  • Inside has dust, dirt, and wear, Definitely a “Been there” Piece!
  • Name written inside on one of the web straps.
  • Definitely the best Staaldak we have EVER come across! (So far…)
  • The M63 (nicknamed "Staaldak" in Afrikaans) is a combat helmet of South African origin. Based on the French Modèle 1951 helmet, the M63 replaced the British type Brodie helmets during the early 1960s, and saw extensive use during the Rhodesian and Angolan bush wars. It was issued until the 1980s when it was replaced by the M87 kevlar helmet. This was the first home produced helmet used by the South African Defence Forces (SADF). On first glance it would seem the helmet resembles that used by Japanese forces during the Second World War, but it was in fact modelled on and closely derived from the French M51 OTAN, although the chinstrap system was unique to the SADF. Issued from 1963, it was replaced when the SADF began to adopt composition fibre helmets from 1983. A parachutist's version was also made, being distinguished by its three point chinstrap. 

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