Naga Headhunter Tribe Quiver with Arrows

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Original Late 19th / Early 20th Century Naga Head-Hunter Tribe Bamboo, Rattan, & some kind of leather wrapped Quiver with 9 Original Arrows.
- Until the 19th century, the Nagas had very little contact with the outside world, even with the rest of India, and they fiercely fought British occupation. However, they were eventually defeated and suddenly Nagaland witnessed the rise of many Christian missionaries, who converted a majority of Nagas to Christianity. Headhunting used to be at the heart of a Naga society’s fabric. No young man could graduate to adulthood and be eligible to marry a high-status woman without having completed the ritual of headhunting at least once. They believed that the practice was also essential for maintaining the fertility of the crops and the wellbeing of the community. Even the women were not shy of taking up arms. In the olden days, if there was a threat to their clan, the Nagas did not hesitate in picking up a weapon and joining the men in battles to protect their tribe’s honour.

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