Post WWII 1959 Denison Jump Smock - Rhodesian Worn

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One of a kind! Original Post World War Two 1959 Pattern British manufactured Denison Jump Smock featuring Rhodesian Brushstroke Camouflage repairs to both sleeves.

In the late 1950s, a newer version of the Denison smock was developed after World War Two. It was officially designated as the "Denison Smock, 1959 Pattern" and may have been introduced around 1956. This updated smock had a modified design featuring thick knitted cuffs and a full-length front zipper, as well as a more consistent application of the "brushstroke" camouflage pattern. Compared to earlier Denisons, the 1959 version had a distinctly different appearance with a lighter and more prominent background color, and only two additional colors (typically brown and green) used to create the basic brushstroke pattern. The initial WWII Denisons were of a darker shade and often featured a blending and mixing of dyes, resulting in a multi-colored appearance. While advancements were made in manufacturing and application techniques, early versions of the 1959 pattern smock still displayed significant variation in color and hue. However, those produced in the 1960s showed more consistency in both color and design. Historical photographs of the 1959 pattern Denison smock depict its exclusive use by the Parachute Regiment in events like the Suez Crisis, as well as in Ulster (Northern Ireland) during the 1970s.

This unique Denison Jump Smock features Rhodesian Camo repairs on the sleeves, a distinguishing characteristic not found in any previous examples we have handled. It is known amongst collectors that this  pattern Denison was commonly worn by Rhodesian SAS members in the late 1950’s to mid 1960's (as seen in period photographs). Following the Malayan Emergency of 1951-1953 that C Squadron SAS took part in, the 1959 Pattern Smock was introduced, and despite its year designation of “1959” was actually first introduced in 1956. With the development of the Rhodesian Brushstroke Pattern in 1965, the Rhodesian SAS would soon switch to wearing their coveted Rhodesian Brushstroke. It is easy to assume this smock was worn by a member of the Rhodesian SAS and repaired with the Rhodesian Camo swatches to the sleeves and reapplied cuffs, just prior or even during the Rhodesian Bush War. If only this jacket could talk!

All of its original Newey produced press snaps are present, as well as the zipper. The Denison Tag Label is present but heavily faded. The right sleeve has remnants of where a patch once was. 

The Smock measures 25” across the chest and 30” in overall length. 

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