1946 Pattern British Denison Jump Smock

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Beautiful, near mint, original Post World War Two 1946 Pattern British Denison Jump Smock. Size 4. Named.

Following the end of World War II, the British Army downsized their airborne units to one division (6th Airborne Division), yet the Denison smock remained a crucial piece of equipment for paratroopers. The post-war smocks (1946-1950s production) are virtually indistinguishable from those produced during the war, with the only notable difference being the addition of knitted woolen cuffs as a standard feature. All Denison smocks are labeled with a cloth tag bearing the manufacturer's information, a broad arrow mark, and a date in black ink, although most tags on wartime models seen are heavily faded from time and washing.

This type of smock was first used in the years following World War II and is commonly known among collectors as the 'third pattern' or the '1946 pattern'. It has many similarities to the second pattern smocks that were produced during the war, including a 15" half zip and matching colors. Key features that distinguish this as a post-war smock are the knitted cuffs and the nickel plated 'Newey' branded press studs.

This post-WWII British Denison jump smock features a screen-printed camouflage pattern on a sand-colored background with reddish-brown and green brushstroke details. The khaki green wool shirting material lines the collar, while epaulettes adorn each shoulder. The trademark Fishtail or “Beaver Tail” can be found at the rear, while the front zip is a brass 'Flash' branded example, typical of the early 1950s smocks. Additionally, there are two tabs on each side that fasten with press studs, as well as six more press studs on the front for attaching the Fishtail. The knitted cuffs at the end of each sleeve, in excellent condition, complete this ensemble.

The Makers Tag inside is heavily faded and barely legible, although we can for certain see a “Size 4” and a 1954 date. The inside of the upper back just below the collar is a name which is half legible “McCa…” 

The Smock measures 29” across the chest (fully outstretched including the armpit ventilation) and 34.5” in total length including the collar.

This Denison would be hard to upgrade from, and at half the cost of its earlier World War II predecessor. 

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