Rhodesian Foreign Legion T-Shirt

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Short Sleeve

A special homage to the American Volunteers who fought in the name of freedom during the Rhodesian Bush War.

On the front is the “Rhodesian Foreign Legion” Insignia featuring a Mike Force Skull, representing the Americans fresh out the Vietnam War that went over to Rhodesia to join in the fight.

Printed on the highest quality 100% cotton Short Sleeve T-shirts on the market; the Hanes Beefy©️ featuring an old school single stitch style collar. 

Photos shown were taken after being “field tested” for a week in the Florida heat and having been washed three times… Upon first wash we recommend washing it inside out and on cold.

*Limited to ONLY 20 in each size!

*This Pre-Order will begin to ship in the last week of May 2024.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you buy something else from the website with a shirt in your cart; I will hold the items until the shirts are ready to ship, so I’d recommend purchasing any Militaria separately if you are buying a shirt and something else!

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