Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm Medal

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Original Single Parade Mount 1897 Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm Centennial Medal.

(Kaiser Wilhelm Erinnerungsmedaille-Zentenarmedaille); A gilt bronze medal; the obverse with a leftward facing bust of Kaiser Wilhelm, inscribed “Wilhelm der Grosse Deutscher Kaiser, Koenig von Preussen” (German - Wilhelm the Great German Kaiser, King of Prussia); the reverse inscribed “Zum andenken an den hundertsten Geburtstag des Grossen Kaisers Wilhelm I, 1797 - 22 Maerz 1897 (German - In remembrance of the one hundredth birthday of Wilhelm I)

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Medal also known as the Centenary Medal (German: Kaiser-Wilhelm-ErinnerungsmedailleZentenarmedaille) was established on March 22, 1897, by Wilhelm II on the occasion of the 100th Birthday of his grandfather, Emperor Wilhelm I.

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