Rhodesian Halbek Device

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Original Bush War era Rhodesian Halbek Device. The Halbek Device was an interesting clamp-on muzzle brake designed by two Rhodesians, Douglas Hall and Marthinus Bekker. It was patented in Rhodesia in 1977 and in the US in 1980, and manufactured in small numbers for the Rhodesian military. This is a original Rhodesian manufactured model, that seen use, still with some African sand/dirt and crust inside. Extremely Scarce. 

Info from Halbek:

During the conflict, the unrecognized state of Rhodesia faced international sanctions that severely limited its ability to acquire necessary military equipment. This led the country to seek clandestine aid from sympathetic nations, one of which was South Africa. South Africa supplied Rhodesia with a variant of the FAL rifle, known as the R1A1. The FAL (Fusil Automatique Léger or Light Automatic Rifle), originally designed by the Belgian company FN Herstal, was a widely-used and reliable battle rifle, popular in many countries during the Cold War era. More importantly, the FAL, with its full-powered 7.62x51 NATO  cartridge, was the main battle rifle of the Rhodesian army.

The 7.62x51mm NATO round is a powerful cartridge commonly used in battle rifles and machine guns. When fired in full automatic mode from a rifle like the FAL or the H&K G3, issues may arise that can challenge the shooter:

Recoil: This is perhaps the most obvious and immediate issue. The 7.62x51mm round generates significant recoil, especially when compared to smaller intermediate cartridges like the 5.56x45mm NATO round. This can make maintaining control of the weapon difficult, especially when firing in full auto. It can also lead to quicker fatigue for the shooter.2. Muzzle 

Climb: Related to recoil, the forces generated when firing can cause the muzzle of the weapon to climb, or rise upwards, during sustained full auto fire. This makes it harder to keep the weapon on target and can greatly reduce accuracy.

In order to address these issues, a device called The Halbek Device was developed by Rhodesian forces during the Rhodesian Bush War (1964-1979). Named after its inventors, Douglas Hall and Marthinus Bekker, the device was intended to reduce the muzzle climb of the FAL when it was fired on full automatic, thus improving control and accuracy.

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