Rhodesian Pattern 61 Pouch

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Original Rhodesian Pattern 61/64 Web belt pouch with integral frog for carrying the FAL Type C bayonet.

According to Carter, Pattern 1961/64 web equipment was the production version of an experimental design, used prior to So. Africa's fielding of the Pattern 1970 web equipment system.

The pouch is made of khaki webbing. The fittings are made of blackened brass. The pouch measures 8.00 in. (203 mm.) high. The pouch measures 4.00 in. (102 mm.) wide at the top, tapering to 2.00 in. (51 mm.) wide at the bottom.

Carter classified this pouch/frog as #579.

This example was made in 1962. The identity of the maker represented by "L.B. & D.I.F." is not known. However, "D.I.F." likely identifies D. I. Fram & Co. Ltd., a Johannesburg maker of South African webbing. Hopefully further research will clarify what "L. B." signifies and how the two relate.

As the images illustrate, the pouch has one straight side and one tapered side. The frog is on the tapered side, with heavy blanket-stitching to reinforce the frog stud opening. This one-side-tapered arrangement resulted in the left and right side pouches not being interchangeable.

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