Border War SADF 1 ParaBat Stable Belt - Named

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Original Border War era South African Defence Force 1 Parachute Battalion Stable Belt.

Named: “M. Howard 84478940BG”

Established on April 1st 1961, South Africa's 1 Parachute Battalion, also known as the "Parabat" unit, holds the distinction of being the only full-time paratrooper unit in the South African Army. The battalion, which was originally part of the Parachute Battalion, was renamed the Parachute Training Centre in 1998. It was the premier battalion within 44 Parachute Brigade until 1999, when the brigade was reorganized as the 44 Parachute Regiment. This elite unit has a rich history of active operations, including the highly debated Battle of Cassinga in 1978, which produced numerous decorated soldiers. Translated as "We conquer from above", the battalion's motto "Ex Alto Vincimus" truly reflects the expertise of this renowned unit.


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