SADF Groep 30 Cap

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Original Border War Era South African Defence Force “Groep 30” issued cap. (Hat Stand not included). 

Group 30 was a division of the North West Command of the SADF era Commando System. Their headquarters were in Potchefstroom. South Africa's Commando System was responsible for the safeguarding and protection of specific communities (usually rural, but sometimes urban). 

The Commando System was a mostly voluntary, part-time force of the South African Army, but in their role as local militia the units were often deployed in support of and under the authority of the South African Police. Commando units were usually referred to as area protection, a system which involved the whole community. The participants in the Commando System did not have military commitments outside of the areas they served and were responsible for the safety and security of their own communities.

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