SADF Recce “Copy” Cuban Grey Lizard Camo Jacket

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Original Pre 1994 South African Defence Force Reconnaissance Regiment “Recce Copy” of the Cuban Grey Lizard Camo, padded jacket. With original Tags designating this design as “Copy L” and a size Medium. Padded inside with draw strings fully intact.

The jacket measures 20.5” across chest and 29” from collar to bottom hem. 

Within the Army, the early Hunter Group and the Reconnaissance Regiments (later the SADF Special Forces) were two units issued a wide variety of camouflage patterns developed specifically for the units. Reconnaissance units, whose highly classified job was to infiltrate enemy territory for purposes of intelligence gathering, sabotage, or counter-insurgency, were furnished with a wide series of "copy" pattern uniforms, literally copied from the military clothing worn by various foreign military units and insurgency groups known to operate in the surrounding regions. The Cuban Grey Lizard Pattern emerged in the 1970s and is based on the French tenue du leopard camouflage design, the Cuban grey lizard pattern has remained in service into the present day. Consisting of dark grey & golden brown or brown stripes on medium grey background, the design is best known for its use by Cuban advisors to southern Africa. It is also worn by the Guantanamo Bay Border Guards. This design has also been worn by FAPLA and contemporary forces in Angola. Several manufacturers are known, resulting in a significant number of variations being produced over the years. Camo info via CamoPedia. 


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