SADF Surplus Pattern 70 Frog

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Original SADF Surplus Pattern 70 Bayonet Frog.

  • Genuine South African Defence Force Surplus from the Border War Era.
  • Olive green web belt frog used with the Pattern 1970 web equipment. Used for carrying the M1, R1, and S1 bayonets.
  • R1 Bayonets can be purchased Here
  • The distinctive frog stud opening is heavily overstitched. The frog slips over the equipment belt and is secured with a glove fastener facing the inside of the frog's belt loop. This equipment was used during the Rhodesian Bush War in the 1970s as well as the South African Border War in the 1980s.
  • As much as our items are vetted, expect possible defects, missing buttons, discoloration, different Nametapes, etc on all of our surplus items. 
  • You will most likely NOT receive the exact item pictured.

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