SADF Surplus R1 Bayonet Type C

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Original SADF Surplus R1 Bayonet “Type C”.

  • Each Bayonet comes with a Original SADF Surplus Pattern 70 Bayonet Frog. Frogs can also be bought here.
  • Each Bayonet will either come with a metal or a plastic sheath (both are SADF issued).
  • Bayonets chosen at random.
  • The R1 Bayonet Type C Socket bayonet was introduced with the second contract FN-FAL selective-fire rifles procured from FN in 1963. These rifles had the 22 mm. NATO combo-device, so used the FAL Type C bayonet.

    Subsequent FN-FAL rifles were produced under license at the State-owned arms factory, ARMSCOR, and were designated R1. These were the same configuration as second contract FN rifles. Some examples have an early FN-produced second contract steel-bodied scabbard, as evidenced by the Belgian proofmark on the throatpiece, and The South African "M" inside a "U" property mark represents "Union (of South Africa) Military." Or will lack South African property markings, however, have a uniquely South African scabbard. This example is parkerized, with black paint over the parkerizing on the socket only. The scabbard is an unusual pattern believed manufactured in South Africa. It is unusual in having a shiny plastic body, a transverse leg-tie hole in the ball finial, and a steel frog stud. South African-made R1 scabbards have the throatpiece oriented so that the socket faces inward when carried. Other countries' FAL Type C scabbards had the throatpiece oriented so that the socket faces outward when carried.

  • Genuine South African Defence Force Surplus from the Border War Era.
  • Olive green web belt frog used with the Pattern 1970 web equipment. Used for carrying the M1, R1, and S1 bayonets.
  • The distinctive frog stud opening is heavily overstitched. The frog slips over the equipment belt and is secured with a glove fastener facing the inside of the frog's belt loop. This equipment was used during the Rhodesian Bush War in the 1970s as well as the South African Border War in the 1980s.
  • As much as our items are vetted, expect possible defects, missing buttons, discoloration, different Nametapes, etc on all of our surplus items. 
  • You will most likely NOT receive the exact item pictured.

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