SADF Surplus R1 Mag Pouch

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Original SADF Surplus Pattern 70 R1 Magazine Pouch. 

  • Genuine South African Defence Force Surplus from the Border War Era.
  • All Buttons/Snaps present.
  • All Loop holes in tact.
  • Some Pouches may have names written in, or on them.
  • Olive green R1 FAL Magazine Pouch used with the Pattern 1970 web equipment.
  • South African made, These pieces of kit or equipment were used during the Rhodesian Bush War in the 1970s as well as the South African Border War in the 1980s-1990s.
  • Note: As much as our items are vetted, expect possible defects, discoloration, different Nametapes, etc on all of our surplus items. 
  • Note: You will most likely NOT receive the exact item pictured.

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