SANDF 4 RECCE Anniversary Matchbook

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Very scarce 17 July 1999 South African National Defence Force (SANDF) 4 Reconnaissance Regiment (RECCE) used Matchbook. 

4 RECCE History - The first South African sea-borne operation took place in 1972, and thus the foundation for an amphibious capability was established. During Operation SAVANNA in 1975/76, the need to deploy a sea-borne force was recognized. As a result a sea-borne sub-unit known as C-Group, was founded at the former Reconnaissance Commando in Durban. During 1977 the decision was taken to establish a specialised unit for water oriented reconnaissance. The Langebaan Lagoon, on the West Coast of South Africa,and specifically the Donkergat area provided the ideal conditions for this type of training. On 17 July 1978, 4 Reconnaissance Commando came into being with Commandant Malcolm Kinghorn as the Officer Commanding and Warrant Officer Class-1 Chilly DuPlessis the Regimental Sergeant Major. The incorporation of the whole Donkergat training area took place in early 1980. 4 Reconnaissance Commando received Regimental status in 1981 and was subsequently known as 4 Reconnaissance Regiment. In 1987 the facilities of SAS Flamingo, the SA Naval Base at Langebaan, were incorporated into the Regiment. 4 Reconnaissance Regiment was officially disbanded on 31 July 1993 and on 1 August 1993, 453 Parachute Battalion as the third Battalion of 45 Parachute Brigade, was founded. This took place with the divestiture of the unit colours. However, the role, task and traditions remained intact. With effect from 1 September 1995 the unit became known as 4 Special Forces Regiment. During the years the Regiment conducted various operations and lost only ten members in active service. On 13 March 1998 the Regiment received their colours and came of age on 17 July 1999. On 17 July 2018 the Unit became 40 years of age. 

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