South African Police Camo Top - Long Sleeve

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Original 1982 dated and named South African Police Camo Long Sleeve Top.

Tag Size Large. Made by Phoenix Clothing Industries. 1982.

Under the Tag is a Service Number and Name:

“NO 62208N” and “G.P. Pretoria (?)” 

23” Across Chest and 34.5” Length.

All Buttons present.

”Beginning in 1973, the South African Police camouflage design changed somewhat, losing both the "smudge" and "pinwheel" features but retaining the foliated shapes that distinguish the general design. Coloration of the SAP 2nd pattern camouflage remained relatively the same, although as with the 1st pattern there were many variations produced due to inconsistencies in the production from one firm to another. Circa 2004, the SAPS eradicated the use of camouflage using the logic that it wished the service to have a "less militarized" appearance. Since that time, only the Special Task Force have continued to utilize the old 2nd pattern camouflage design.” - Via CamoPedia 

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