South African Recce Cabbage Patch Web Kit - Combat Worn

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One of the coolest pieces of Kit we have come across…
Wonderfully modified; Hand Painted, zip tied, electrical taped, and Combat Worn South African Recce P90 “Cabbage Patch” webbing or “Battle Jacket.” This is a compete set up, similar to that shown in the book “RECCE: a collectors guide to the history of the South African Special Forces” only this one in particular is hand painted over to induce more darker tones while operating in the bush. This rig in particular is very neat not only because of its rarity but we can see signs of actual use. One interesting note is the zip tie that hadn’t been cut by the operator (there are several other ties applied near it that were cut). The webbing also came with some amazing pocket finds such as a pair of used ear plugs, and some green cording.
The South African Recce Pattern 90 “Cabbage Patch”Camouflage was never printed on fabric for clothing, it was only utilized on waterproofed nylon cloth used to make groundsheets, a flotation device, field packs, webbing and various types of other field equipment. The official designation is P90 (Pattern 90) but the design is usually just referred to as "cabbage patch." All zips, eyelets, pouches, Velcro, etc are still fully functional and intact (see all in-depth photos). Truly a top notch piece of equipment. Last photo is for educational purposes to show the web kit in use. 

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