The OSS and I - SIGNED

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The O.S.S. and I

1957 Hardcover with Dust Jacket, Signed and inscribed by author William J Morgan, 1963.

Dr. Morgan is a professional psychologist. He enlisted in the Army in 1942 as a private; was selected for the O.S.S. without knowing what it was; got himself shipped overseas by destroying an adverse medical report; became assigned to the staff of "Pemberley," the secret British school for spies and sabo-teurs; talked his way into a mission to Occupied France; parachuted in dis-guise, and organized and trained a band of 550 guerrillas whom he led in action against the Germans.

The O.S.S. and I is the author's exciting and engaging account of his experiences. The first part of the book gives a fascinating description of the realistic methods of spy training, including a hair-raising tale of what happened to a German counterspy. The rest of the book is an action-packed story of how Dr. Morgan became a Resistance leader named "Marceau," how he and his men ambushed an enemy column, and how they made a whole province unsafe for the Germans.

Illustrated with photographs.


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