Rhodesian BSAP Wall Hanger

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We’ve handled quite a few of these wall hangers over the years, but this one takes the cake… This Rhodesian British South Africa Police (BSAP) wall hanger is by far the nicest wall hanger (and largest) we’ve come across! During the Bush War these were displayed in Mess Halls, Barracks, and the likes, each one being hand made and therefore unique. This wall hanger features a brilliant Royal Blue backdrop with the BSAP Lion insignia also known as “Vana Mudengu Muneyi” in the center and is affixed to a wooden rod connecting to a metallic chain hanging method. The body (minus the tassels) measures 27” long by 22.5” wide.

The British South Africa Police (BSAP) was, for most of its existence, the police force of Rhodesia (renamed Zimbabwe in 1980). It was formed as a paramilitary force of mounted infantrymen in 1889 by Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company, from which it took its original name, the British South Africa Company's Police. Initially run directly by the company, it began to operate independently in 1896, at which time it also dropped "Company's" from its name. It thereafter served as Rhodesia's regular police force, retaining its name, until 1980, when it was superseded by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, soon after the country's reconstitution into Zimbabwe in April that year. - per wiki 

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