Rhodesian Six-Cell Combat Chest Rig

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One of the most highly sought after pieces of Rhodesian Militaria; the very intriguing Rhodesian Chest Rig. This amazing Original example shows proper signs of wear and bears the original owners name on the reverse just left of the Fereday & Sons Tag. This Fereday & Sons six-cell Chest Rig was designed to hold R1 Mag’s, which this particular example most definitely did upon examining the wear marks the magazines had left in each of the cells. Lovely patination and coloration from extensive use. Yet fortunately, all straps, D-rings, and press snaps are fully intact. The straps and cells have field repairs on them from its days in service which only adds character to this amazing piece. See the discoloration between the original green still present on the reverse and the subdued green of the obverse from long exposure to the African sun. The history of the Rhodesian made chest rig has become a lore in the modern world. The myth that Rhodesia “invented” the modern chest rig started during the Bush War when Rhodesian Soldier's came into contact with the Chinese manufactured “ChiCom” Chest Rigs, from there; private manufacturers in Rhodesia began producing their own versions for the Rhodesian Security Forces to accommodate the FN FAL magazines, company’s such as Fereday & Sons and “North” of Salisbury. This Chest Rig in particular still retains its respective, original Fereday & Sons Salisbury Tag on the reverse unlike the previous example (see our archive) that we had sold here at Expedition Antiques.

Highly sought after and extremely scarce piece of Militaria that will definitely be a highlight in any collection. 

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