USARP Amundsen-Scott Ringer T-Shirt

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Original Vintage USARP Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station T-Shirt. The Screen Stars tag dates this shirt in between 1981-1983 when the manufacturer introduced the “funky A” style tag, as seen on this shirt.

Unworn condition. Size Medium. Chest: 17” across. Length: 25”

These T-Shirts were exclusively available for purchase at the South Pole Research Station’s commissary. Quite rare piece of Exploration History! 

The United States Antarctic Program - USAPformerly known as the United States Antarctic Research Program or USARP and the United States Antarctic Service or USAS) is an organization of the United States government which has a presence in the Antarctica continent. Founded in 1959, the USAP manages all U.S. scientific research and related logistics in Antarctica as well as aboard ships in the Southern Ocean

The United States established the U.S. Antarctic Research Program (USARP) in 1959—the name was later changed to the U.S. Antarctic Program—immediately following the success of the International Geophysical Year (IGY). Today, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has a Presidential Mandate to manage the United States Antarctic Program, through which it operates three year-round research stations and two research vessels, coordinates all U.S. science on the southernmost continent, and works with other federal agencies, the U.S. military, and civilian contractors, to provide the necessary logistical support for the science. 

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