Vietnam War VietCong Large Silk Regimental Banner

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Original Vietnam War VietCong Silk Regimental Banner.

The Viet Cong (officially National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, Mặt trận Dân tộc Giải phóng miền Nam Việt Nam) was a communist-driven armed movement and united front organization in South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Led by the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, it fought under the direction of North Vietnam against the South Vietnamese and United States governments. The Viet Cong had guerrilla and regular army units, as well as cadres who organized and mobilized peasants in the controlled territory. While some communist fighters and anti-war activists claimed it represented the legitimate rights of the people in South Vietnam, the U.S. and South Vietnamese governments considered it a tool of North Vietnam's influence. The modern Vietnamese communist leadership eventually acknowledged that the movement was under the political and military direction of North Vietnam, with the goal of unifying Vietnam under one banner.

Quite Large and extremely scarce to see in silk of this size. The flag of the Viet Cong, adopted in 1960, is a variation on the flag of North Vietnam with the addition of the blue (and sometimes green) stripe.

Measuring 90” by 54”.

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