WWII US Army Mountain Rucksack

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Original WW2 JQD 88B US Army Mountain Rucksack with Frame. Jeffersonvile Quartermaster Depot (JQD) continued to refine the rucksack’s features in Tentative Specification J.Q.D. 88B. Regular canvas webbing replaced the ribbed webbing shoulder straps, the felt shoulder pads were eliminated, and the number of equipment attachment tabs decreased from four to three, all sewn along the upper left side of the pouch. Most significantly, J.Q.D. 88B added a rifle securing strap, a wire rifle snap hook on the right horn of rucksack frame, and a small hook on the left shoulder strap. These additions made it easier for the soldier to carry his rifle while using a rucksack.

The J.Q.D. 88B rucksack was the primary rucksack used by the mountain soldiers during World War II.
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