WWII Canadian Red Ensign Flag

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Original World War Two era Silk Three-Piece Construction Canadian Red Ensign Flag.


48” X 30”

The Canadian Red Ensign served as an unofficial symbol for Canada as early as the 1870s, and was flown both at sea and on land, even appearing on all public buildings throughout the provinces. By 1892, it had been officially recognized as the country's civil ensign. Initially, the flag featured the coats of arms of the Canadian provinces, but in 1922, the amalgamation was replaced with the national coat of arms of Canada. During World War II, the ensign was used to represent the Canadian armed forces. In 1945, a government order declared the Canadian Red Ensign a "distinctive flag" to be flown on government buildings. Despite this, it was never officially adopted as Canada's national flag, with the Union Flag remaining in that role until the adoption of the Maple Leaf flag in 1965. The Maple Leaf flag also replaced the Canadian Red Ensign as the civil ensign of the country.

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