WWII Japanese Occupation Flag with Hand-Painted Scenery

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Original World War Two Japanese Occupation Flag with Hand Painted Scenery.

Beautifully woven silk with vibrant colors featuring hand-painted Traditional Japanese Scenery of Orange Japanese Maple Leaves, Trees, a bridge, and mountains. A Japanese bridge, or hashi, often a red, arched bridge is known as soribashi in Japanese, and originate in China in the Heian period (794-1185). The “hinomaru” in the center, is taken from the name for the flag of Japan, also known as hinomaru, which translates literally as "circular sun" and this example is still as vibrant as when it would’ve been made 79+ years ago.

Japanese Occupation Flag’s were flags made for G.I’s or sometimes by G.I.’s and are oftenly confused with Japanese Yosegaki or “Good Luck” Flags that would’ve been captured off of Japanese Combatants. 

The flag measures; 39” by 27”.

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