WWII Japanese Senninbari with Tiger Illustration

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Original World War Two Japanese Senninbari “1000 Stitch” Belt featuring a hand drawn Tiger Illustration.

A Senninbari (千人針, 'thousand person stitches') is a special cloth belt or strip that is meticulously stitched 1000 times and is traditionally given as a Shinto amulet by Japanese women and imperial subjects to soldiers heading off to war. These senninbari are adorned with exactly 1000 knots or stitches, each of which is carefully crafted by a different woman. Usually measuring 15 centimetres (5.9 in) in width, these belts can range from 90 centimetres (3.0 ft) to 120 centimetres (3.9 ft) or even longer. The belt's end may have strings, snaps, or buttons for secure fastening around the waist, while other examples without these features were commonly tucked into the waist. Senninbari in a longer style, known as tasuki, could also be worn across the chest. 

Measuring 56.5” by 13”.


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