WWII US Army 3rd Army Patch

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Original World War Two US Army Third Army Shoulder Sleeve Insignia Patch.

During mobilization, the Third Army played a critical role in training large numbers of recruits joining the United States Armed Forces through the draft. Lieutenant General Walter Krueger, who later commanded the Sixth Army in the Pacific, led the Third Army from May 1941 to February 1943. Under his leadership, the foundation for the Army's success as a combat force was established. In December 1943, Lieutenant General Courtney Hodges took over command and led the Army for the remainder of the year. Finally, in December 1943, the Third Army was relocated from the United States to the United Kingdom, fulfilling the expectations of many.

The Third Army was not initially involved in Operation Overlord, but under the leadership of George S. Patton, they eventually joined the campaign. Moving to France after the Normandy breakout led by Omar Bradley, Third Army continued the momentum and swiftly advanced across the country. However, this rapid movement eventually caused them to outpace their supply lines, resulting in a halt near the German border.

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