WWII US Army 49th FA 7th Infantry Division Hand Painted Parachute Canopy

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Original World War Two US Army 49th Field Artillery Battalion 7th Infantry Division Hand Painted Parachute Canopy.

Hand Painted with battle honors; 

Established on October 1, 1933 in the Regular Army, the 49th Field Artillery was later renamed as the 49th Field Artillery Battalion. It was then assigned to the 7th Infantry Division and activated at Fort Ord, California on June 1, 1941. After being deactivated in Seoul, Korea on July 20, 1947, the battalion was reactivated at Jimmachi, Honshu, Japan on March 20, 1949. On June 28, 1950, the 49th Coast Artillery Battalion was incorporated into the 49th Field Artillery Battalion. Eventually, the battalion was disbanded from the 7th Infantry Division and deactivated in Korea on July 1, 1957. On November 7, 1969, it was merged with the 44th Field Artillery.

The 7th Infantry Division is renowned for its involvement in the Pacific Ocean theater during World War II where it sustained significant losses while fighting against the Imperial Japanese Army in the Aleutian Islands, Leyte, and Okinawa. After the Japanese surrendered in 1945, the division was stationed in both Japan and Korea, and when the Korean War broke out in 1950, it was one of the first units sent into action. It played a crucial role in the Inchon Landings and led the advance north, but was nearly overwhelmed when Chinese forces launched a counter-attack. The division later participated in the fierce battles of Pork Chop Hill and Old Baldy.


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