WWII USAAF Aviation Cadet Patch Blue

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Original World War Two US Army Air Forces Aviation Cadet shoulder sleeve insignia patch.

Early war blue variation.

On June 20, 1941, the U.S. Army's air arm, formerly known as the U.S. Army Air Corps (USAAC), was renamed the "U.S. Army Air Forces" (USAAF). The Aviation Cadet grade was established for aspiring pilots, and the program was renamed the Aviation Cadet Training Program (AvCad). Cadets received a monthly pay of $75, consisting of a $50 base pay and $25 "flight pay", which was equivalent to that of Army Air Corps privates with flight status. Additionally, they were provided with a $150 uniform allowance. As junior officers, cadets were addressed as "Mister" by all ranks. In May 1942, the program expanded to include training for navigators and bombardiers, and Moffett Field became the first center to offer "pre-flight" training for them. Other areas of study included communications, armament, meteorology, and radar operation. These officers were considered conventional

During World War II, approximately 250,000 aviation cadets successfully completed training programs for pilots, navigators, and specialized roles. In the most challenging times of the war, even high school graduates as young as 18 were eligible for the program, as long as they met necessary standards on aptitude and medical assessments. 

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