WWII USAAF Two Inch Flight Engineer Wings - Sterling Orber Clutch Back

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Original World War Two US Army Air Forces Two Inch Flight Engineer Wings.

Extremely scarce; Marked Sterling Silver made by Orber featuring a clutch pin back with both pins intact.

Authorized later in the war on June 19, 1945, Flight Engineers were essential members of the crew on various 4-engine military aircraft, including the B-50 and B-36 (6 propellers and later four additional jets). They also served on a number of transport planes. The FE Wings were awarded to qualified military officers and NCOs who served as in-flight specialists on military aircraft. As aircraft became more advanced, the need for dedicated flight engineers to monitor and operate systems arose, leading to the creation of distinctive wings. However, during the Korean War, these wings were gradually replaced by the Aircrew Badge by the United States Air Force. In the late 1940s - early 1950s, the Flight Engineer wings were replaced by enlisted Aircrew wings, but those who had originally earned the old wings were allowed to continue wearing them as a permanent and distinguished honor up until 1962. Today, Flight Engineers still fly on Air Force transports, but now don the prestigious and elegant Aircrew wings.

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